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seacraftmafia's Journal

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Seattle Craft Mafia
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The Seattle Craft Mafia was founded in April 2006. We are a group of highly individual, slightly freaky, independent businesspeople and artisans who have come together as a collective in order to offer mutual support, information and enthusiasm to one another, as
well as to help serve the communities in which we live and work.

Khrisla is co-Capa Crimini along with Cassandra who runs the Seattle Craft Mafia MySpace, Urban Craft Uprising, The Bathery, and anything else she can get her hands on. This community is maintained by Capa Bastone Naomi aka mileshedgehog.

Member Websites and LiveJournals:

(mileshedgehog, hedgehogesque)




Double Duchess
(co-founder spitkitten)

We are proud to be in cahoots with I Heart Rummage (aka IHR) and you will find Seattle Craft Mafia represented at their events. Please click below for more information on this crafty Seattle staple: